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Dressing for the Mother of the Bride


Wedding bells are ringing this month. It is the month of June, and for sure, June brides are giddy and ready for their big day. We understand that the wedding is the day of the bride. It is her moment to shine. It is the day she will forever tie the knot with the person she chooses to spend the rest of her life with. However, like most wedding bloopers, overlooking how the mother of the bride looks happens.

Mothers play a vital role in a wedding party. They are the rock during the whole process. The point person for family members and guests. Much like the bride, they are also involved with all the wedding planning. We all understand how both mothers of the bride and groom want to get involved with the preparation.

With all the stress and dramas of the wedding preparations, mothers also get stressed, hence are prone to weight lost or weight gain. Thus, most encounter the problem of not fitting to their gowns for the wedding during the fitting session. That is why it is essential to know if your provider has an alteration service. They need to look their best too since they are attending a milestone for their child.

CHIC-BUTIC is a trusted and proven provider of gowns in Nevada. We provide outfits for weddings. Such as the mother, the bridesmaids, and most of all, the bride. We can help pick the perfect wedding outfit for your mom. We also cater to those looking for the perfect prom dresses.

Visit our boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada for your gowns and dresses. We can also alter your outfits for your alteration needs for the big day. For more information, contact us today.

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